Hinged doors or Pivot doors are a popular choice of corner shower doors.

Corner Shower Doors


Swing shower doors may be frameless or semiframeless it depends on the structure.

Swing Shower Doors


Sliding shower enclosures will provide a sleek look to compact bathrooms.

Sliding Shower Enclosures


Frameless over the tub enclosures can be easy to clean and offer a trendy appearance.

Over the Tub Enclosures


Klassik also specializes in Designer bathroom accessories, such as -Shower door wipes and seals, Shower doors hinge kits, Shower channels and headers, Support bars and parts, Tub enclosure, and Frameless vertical post-shower door. These best-selling products are tested for reliability and known for its longevity, quality, and beauty.

Over the tub enclousres

Over the tub enclousres

Over the tub enclousres

Over the tub enclousres

Over the tub enclousres

Why Klassik Glass Partition?

Klassik Glass Partition are one of a kind, designed specially to cater to the individual tastes of each customer.

Some of the key features include:

  • Frameless ”All Glass” Partition
  • High quality tempered glass used for the partitions
  • Patch fitting hardware such as corner connectors and side connectors made of 304 stainless steel
  • Fabricated Glass of 8mm thickness available. (10mm available for custom-made orders)
  • Custom build as per required specification
  • On filed and free installation

In a bid to enhance the user experience, the glass partitions come with varied options of door functionality. Klassik offers a range of straight, sliding, L shaped and Glass enclosures( Another word for c type glass partition needed).


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